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      Learn the techniques of the ancient-new art of mime. Creating illusions; walks, runs, climbs, walls, objects, wind, water and fire will be explored. We culminate in the development of performance scenarios.

          Public Speaking

      This course is designed to prepare the student with the basic skills of public speaking; choosing a topic, researching, organizing using statistics, surveys, interviews, quotes, media and visual aides. The participants will build confidence in their verbal and physical communication, speak clearly, project and make direct eye contact with their audience. (This course can be adapted to length of time and amount of students)


      This course is for the beginner or the advanced student of yoga. Breathing, concentration and body alignment are essential elements of this movement art. Through these flowing postures and exercises the student will develop strength, flexibility and a vital, invigorating energy.

          Job interviewing

      This course prepares the student for the “real-time” job interview in the English language. Resume/CV and cover letter writing, researching job possibilities and answering the toughest questions will be covered. We explore the interview from two sides of the desk; the interviewer and the interviewee.

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