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Stories from Around the World


Jay takes his audiences on a journey through classic folk-tales, personal anecdotes and metaphores. These tales spam time and culture to reflect peoples' universal struggle and our quest for joy, understanding and survival. Sharing these tales creates a dialogue amongst people. Retelling them, passing them through generations, keeps them alive to evoke the child in the hearts of us all.



1. Eternal Love -
      A man’s relation to the earth through
      the stages of his life

2. The Strawberry -
      Survival alone in the forest

3. The Boy & the Bullseye -
      A young prince’s search for the illusive

4. Granny & the Fruit Trees -
      An inter-generational tale

5. Like Ripples in a Pond -
      Life’s seed of optimism

6. A Bird in the Hand -
      A fragile sparrow’s destiny

7. Ghandy & Candy -
      The wisdom of the master

8. Little Red & Big Bad -
      An empowered Red confronts the wolf


Jay Miller: 1084 Bp. Déri Miksa u. 18 V/2 Hungary    Tel: ++36 1 210 7252; mobile: ++36 30 321 2726, millerjay49@yahoo.com

web: Hegedûs Viktor - vhegedus0302@gmail.com